2001 z06 Corvette 6-Speed

2001 Z06 Corvette Six-Speed Manual – $12900

As my first post I’m choosing one of my favorite unappreciated gems; The Corvette. The fun to cost ratio on these is amazing and I don’t know why the answer to everything is ‘Vette’ instead of ‘Miata.’

I am particularly fond of this ‘sedan’ style body, as compared to the more common fast-back. I don’t know why anyone would need any storage space in these. Nobody who wants to keep their status is going to roll up to the country club with their golf clubs in the back, and nobody who wants to keep their hearing (and teeth) are they going choose this for a road trip.

I know the interior is shit, and it rattles, squeaks, and makes noises. But this isn’t a M-Series competitor, it’s what ‘Merica does best. It puts everything it has into what’s makes the biggest noise and does the bare minimum everywhere else.

I’ve aways wanted my sports car to have a red interior. This is probably as ‘refined’ as they’d come.

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