2010 BMW X6 M – 159k Miles – $16,995

Someday SUVs will become collectible. When that happens I expect that the first generation X5 M will be one of the most sought after. That vehicle’s performance and design was incredible and changed BMW’s trajectory. However, I think the X6 M will be the one to get. When it came out it made zero sense in a category whose definition includes the word “utility”. Who would buy a fast-back SUV (SAV in BMW speak) that doesn’t maximize its capacity? Who would buy an SUV with a bonkers 547hp motor? Who would buy an SUV that couldn’t go off-road because it has a stiff suspension and rides speed-rated, foot wide skinny tires mounted on 20″ wheels?

Apparently 3,0821 people don’t make right-brain logical decision. And we’re better off because of them.

This 2010 X6 M in St. Louis looks like a great example to park in the back of the garage for another decade in hopes that one day it’ll pay for a trip to Stuggart.

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