Perfect Work from Home Project: 1968 Volvo 122S (Amazon)

1968 Volvo 122S (Amazon) – $2800 – Iowa City, IA

The Volvo 122S, usually called the Amazon, is the perfect blank slate for the Gen-X hotrodder. Gen-Xers aren’t interested in big block muscle cars. They want obscure European sedans. The type of car so uncool that they asked their parents to drop them off a block away from school. Like totally.

The purpose of buying an Amazon is to make it your own. There aren’t any extra points given to restoring one to original. Instead see it as the ideal canvas to learn how to work on cars and a blank slate to make it just the way you want. It doesn’t really matter what you do to a 122, it’s nearly impossible to ruin its gorgeous lines and proportions.

I think the best Amazon to buy is one that doesn’t run and has plenty of rust. Those are the things you want to perfect on a car that costs less than $3K so your next project can be that vintage Aston your great aunt has in her barn.

Find this 1968 Volvo 122S (Amazon) on Iowa City Craigslist. The seller describes it as running, driving, with new floors and lots of extra parts. Sounds like the perfect project to be working on while you’re supposed to be working.

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