A Contrarian Convertible – 2010 VW EOS for $5995 near Cleveland

As a car nut, there’s nothing better to do on a warm and sunny weekend than put the top down and drive up the coast with your significant other/others/family/partner/NGSP/etc. The purpose of a convertible isn’t rational, is to feel life, experience emotions and get closer to your feelings. The openness makes everything a little more special. Getting out at a roadside ice cream stand feels like childhood, pulling over at a crab shack makes you feel like royalty, and driving home to the dashboard lights safely under the roof after the sun sets is pure romance.

I think most car blogs would highlight a SAAB 900 convertible. Which makes the VW EOS a contrarian choice for summer convertible.

For the rebellious, this 2010 VW EOS for $5995 near Cleveland is a very contrarian choice for an irrational decision. Convertibles are impractical and inefficient. However, the VW EOS was about as rational option as there was for an efficient compact. With a convertible hardtop, it was also surprisingly advanced.

There are less expensive EOSs on Craigslist. But much less than this and you have to accept a rebuilt title, high miles, and as a pre-2010 its roof will be more prone to leaks.

I don’t care if this comes with an automatic, summer driving is not about how fast or fun it is to from from point A to point B. It’s about relaxing during the journey, which makes a sushbox the preferred choice.

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