It’s the middle of summer. Time to buy a cheap ski car. Subaru Outback 3.6 Wagon for $5,800 near Ashville, Tennessee

2011 Subaru Outback 3.6L for $5800 near Ashville, Tennessee

I’m a fan of buying countercyclically. Right now everyone’s looking for a sexy sports car or convertible to enjoy the hot August weather. Nobody is thinking about pouring their family into a safe and reliable AWD wagon for a ski trip. That makes now the perfect time to bargain down this already super-cheap super-reliable, super-boring, super-perfect for winter Subaru Outback.

I know it’s splitting hairs, but I’ve heard that this, the 2010-2015 generation, is the better handling of the Outbacks. This example has the 3.6L flat-six which should give it enough oomph to get you and your brood up any mountain in any weather. At least you’ll easily be able to keep up with all those base model, 4-cylinder, Outbacks going to the same ski lift you are. The downside to this, and most Subaru’s, is the mediocre gas mileage, I think this model is listed at only 20mpg.

There are two families of thought when it comes to winter ski-car. Most buy a cheap, rusted 1990’s SUV, preferably a Jeep. These types stay in an AirBnB with 3 other families. They are used to suffering and the car’s noise, cramped seats, and harsh ride will be tolerated. They’re also frugal spenders which give them enough money to pay for the constant repairs it will need.

The other ski-car buyer is going to stay at a resort chosen for the restaurant’s menu, the linens’ thread count and if the Kardashians have been there too. They keep their European SUV in the spare bay of their garage. It always has snow tires mounted to oversized aftermarket wheels, There is a ski box instead of a ski rack, brush guards, and a lift kit. All to drive along plowed highways to a valet who will park it in a climate controlled structure.

The Outback splits the difference between these extremes and finds a perfect balance for almost everyone. It’s cheap enough to buy without a second thought, but still nice enough that a it won’t be out of place at any fancy restaurant you might go to. The thing about Outbacks, like Piruses, is that they’re driven by the rich, the poor, the straight and gay, dog lovers and cat people, skiers and kayakers. So it fits everyone who buys a car for what it does, not what it is.

The owner of this example claims it was a North Carolina car (even though it’s currently located in Tennessee) which bodes well for a rust-free body. Being a 2011 the car at least it will have Bluetooth for handsfree calling and enduring your kids’ Spotify playlist.

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