Compares Favorably to a Tiffany’s Ring – 2005 Mini Cooper S Convertible 6-Speed for $8,000 near Fort Meyers, FL

2005 Mini Cooper S Convertible 6-Speed for $8,000 near Fort Meyers, FL

I’m nearing both a milestone birthday and a milestone anniversary with my S.O. My go-to for either one is usually something from Tiffany’s, that blue box is magic. But taking into consideration the magnitude of this impending date nothing less than a big rock. As much as I’d enjoy admiring her wearing a ring like this, it would not nearly be as satisfying as enjoying the top down in this Mini Cooper Convertible.

This mini clicks all the boxes. First and foremost it’s a Cooper S, which means it comes with the 1.6L supercharged Chrysler/Rover/BMW Tritec 4-banger made in Brasil. The car isn’t a rocket in terms of actual performance, but its size and dynamics makes it feel fast. This example also has some great accessories that include the premium wheels, grill-mounted fog lights, chrome mirrors and racing stripes.

With less than 60K miles and coming from Florida, there’s a good chance she will love the car long after she stops loving me.

Find this anniversary and birthday gift found on Craigslist near Fort Meyers, Florida for $8,000

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