Is it a future classic or just a used car- First Gen Audi TTs. Take your pick of an ALMS or VR6 near Los Angeles

You can’t read a listing for a TT on Bring-A-Trailer without being reminded that it’s a future classic. Having studied as a car designer, I would totally agree.  Freeman Thomas‘ and J Mays‘ bauhaus inspired sculpture uses geometry in a way never seen before, but often imitated since. There is no doubt it is a watershed design.

But is it a future classic?

For all it’s design glory the car was based on VW’s mass-market Group A4 platform, which was also used by the Golf, New Beetle, Audi A3 and a couple of SEATs. This meant that the TT was never going to have the performance or driving dynamics equal to its design. The TT was slow (6.1 seconds zero to 60), and heavy (3252 lbs – which is pretty chunky for a car this size, all-wheel drive notwithstanding). In car reviews of the period it does not compare well against the Porsche Boxter, or BMW Z3, or even Mercedes SLK.

But will the TT eventually appreciate like like old 911s, Mercedes SL roadsters and BMW 850s have? With prices this low (on Craigslist first gen TTs are listed from $3,500 to $9,500) does it matter?

In LA alone there are listings for an ALMS edition for $6,000 and a later model VR6 with a DTC for $8,000. If the TT does become a classic these editions will be the first to appreciate.

Then there’s this 2006 Special Edition 3.2L at a dealership near Seattle. I think it’s just one of 99 coupes they produced. But you’ll have to pay at least another $6K for that level of exclusivity.

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