2010 Ford Taurus SHO for $6000 in Chattanooga, TN

There is something undeniably cool about a sleeper. There’s no greater factory-made sleeper than the Ford Taurus SHO. Particularly the third version (6th generation) dumpster fire of full-size sedan made during Andy Mulally’s, otherwise excellent, leadership. This version of the Taurus came after the “all our car names should start with “F”” marketing debacle of the FiveHundred.

This iteration of the SHO is big, heavy and fast. But it’s also cramped inside, and a generation behind competitors in terms of technology (except for the excellent eco-boost 6-cyl). unlike the original SHO, it is largely forgotten and lacks the passionate following of the 1989-1991 or 1992-1995 generations (until I looked it up I didn’t even know there was a 3rd generation from ’96-’99). To illustrate how far the nameplate had fallen, in the ’90s Ford sold nearly 400,000 units annually, for 2010 they sold just under 70K units.

This example has the larger SYNC touchscreen, which, every time you turn on the car and wait for it to load, will show you how far car tech has come in 11 years. The listing says it also needs “just a little work on the brakes” and looks like it could use some refreshing inside. With only about 1/2 million units sold, it won’t be easy to find replacement parts at the local wrecking yard.

Find this 2010 Ford Taurus SHO for sale, as-is, in Chattanooga, TN for $6000.

AS IS!! This Ford SHO is an awesome high-performance car in great shape for a used car. It was taken great care of and needs just a little work on the brakes.

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