This Looks Reasonable in Comparison

2009 Audi S5 for $9,500 in Tampa

I am must be having a waking fever dream, or I’m microdosing and I don’t know it. But more likely I’ve simply created a bizarre world view in which the downsides of buying a car with questionable history and unknown miles is vastly overshadowed by its V8 and screaming red interior.

This is the cheapest S5 in the US with a clean title. Even though the Craigslist listing is sketchy, it’s not the sketchiest I looked at while searching. Using screen grabs from an iPhone instead of the image itself is never a good sign of a reputable seller. But who knows, maybe the owner is a plus-sized, speed-loving, grandma. The seats don’t look like they’ve seen 150K miles.

This is one of those cars I’d often look for before a business trip. With a plan to drive home if it ends up being a great deal. I know it’s a bit duplicitous to my M-Sport 128i. But that car is appreciating in value, and thus is rarely driven. This S5 has no intrinsic value and will never be valued by enthusiasts, so I can drive it without concerns for miles, rock-chips or door dings

Find this 2009 Audi S5 Coupe for sale near Tampa, FL for $9,500

From the listing:

Engine and transmission are perfect running incredibly strong. V8. So many compliments just want something bigger. Red interior! Panoramic sunroof. Is at Audi now getting maintenanced and ready to sell!

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