1991 Lotus Elan SE

Unappreciated Mashup – 1991 Lotus Elan SE

Purists suck. They suck because they don’t judge a car on its merits, but on how it conforms to expectations. A purist will only talk well of a car if it’s rear-wheel drive, manual transmission, metal body, and has a engine provenance from the manufacturer. The 3rd generation Lotus from the 1990’s is everything a purist rejects. But it’s an amazing car in it’s own right.

2005 Audi TT 3.2 VR6 Quattro DCT

I wasn’t looking to find such a lust-worthy car for so little money, but here it is. A 2005 Audi TT with the very very desirable combination of the original body style and superior VR6 engine. This car is already a classic. One of Feeeman Thomas’ many iconic designs, the original TT was unlike any sports car that had come before. It had the potential to become as iconic and desirable as the Porsche 911.