Time for the regular scheduled CPP, or Cheap Porsche Post – But which one?

There are some basic rules every car blog follows. The most important of them is to regularly have a CPP, or Cheap Porsche Post (some examples are this, this, this, this, and this). When my reminder: “Post a CPP” went off this morning I began to conduct my standard procedure of checking my email tips, running searches and seeing if another blog as something I can cut-and-paste. I expected to find yet another cheap Boxter (like this this, this S or this S), 944 (like this, this, this, this, or this 968), or maybe a Cayman (like this) under my self-imposed $10K limit.

But what I keep seeing are cheap Porsche Cayennes. Like really cheap, like cheap cheap – cheap. And these aren’t first year, salvage title, in need of some ‘easy’ repair, with rust bubbles and worn-out seats. These are 2008 and newer, some are even Cayenne S or Turbos. which means they’re post the mid-cycle refresh with the new grill and lights. These nearly second generation cars also improved the already excellent interior and infotainment tech. Even the motor was improved with direct injection, giving it more power, and a more dynamic traction control.

Here are a few I found just on Craigslist using SearchTempest:

So I’m torn, should I keep looking for a Porsche to drive on the occasional weekend, or one that I can drive every day. Should the Porsche post talk about how fun and emotional this brand is, or how they have rationally combined performance and usability.

In the end I think I should post this one:

A customized ’78 Porsche 928 5-speed with a claimed relatively low 109K miles for $9,900.

On the plus side you get a fabulous white leather interior that look amazing and is said to have been restored.

On the downside you get a car that looks like this:

Find this interesting example of a cheap Porsche that will turn heads at the next PCS meeting near San Francisco on Craigslist here.

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