I Cannot Lie, I Love Big Bangle Butts

2005 BMW 6-Series Manual Coupe – $9,000 near Provo, UT.

The BMW E63 6-Series is the Rodney Dangerfield of super coupes – it don’t get no respect.

I don’t know why. As a grand tourer it has everything going for it; speed, exclusivity, comfort, technology and (dare I say it) looks. Of course it is hampered by the Bangle Butt and BMW’s famous unreliability. But I would look past that for the honking V8 and 6-speed manual of this example.

Yes, this one is cheap for a reason. It’s clearly been run hard and needs work. If the mechanicals are as good as the owner claims, it looks like a couple of weekends and parts from Straight 6 can fix it right up.

Find this 2010 BMW 645Ci manual for sale near Provo, UT for $9,000

From the listing:

RARE MANUEL COUPE!!! Clean Title!!!

Up for sale is my 2005 BMW 645CI with the hard to find 6 speed Manuel. I’m not a dealership so no sales tax here! All other 2004-2006 6 series around are for sale by dealerships and are autos/convertibles (you deserve better!) I’ve owned it for the past few years and it has been a joy to have. We’re having our first child and I just need something that can fit a car seat. It has 150k miles, I daily drove it the whole time I’ve owned it since it’s been so reliable and fun. Everything works, the motor is strong and starts no problem, and Transmission is in great shape, Cold A/C, Heat, Heads up display, parking sensors, radio and all the speakers. Has Great torque and power with the 4.4 V8, it’s an absolute highway rocket! The windshield has a ceramic coating. I’ve installed 21” 7 series wheels that match the car perfectly. Pirelli Tires all around with a good amount of life left. Ill also include a set of 20” wheels, Carly OBD2 Scanner/Coder, and a pair of 1” wheel spacers I never installed. The car doesn’t smoke out of the exhaust, has a new body control module installed by BMW in pleasant grove due to a previous slight battery drain problem that is now fixed with the new body control module. Battery is less than 6 months old. Now for all the imperfections, there’s not many but like any used car there are a few. The driver’s seat has a 2” tear along the seam in the bolstering that is pictured and circled. There is a little nick here and there on the front bumper from rocks on the freeway. The worst bit of damage is a small section about 2” in front of the drivers rear wheel where the paint flaked off. Ill Vacuum out the car extremely well before the new owner takes it home.

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